Treasure Hunt! (Start Here)

Yarrrrr! So you think you’re a pirate because you found the first bit of buried treasure? Well, there’s plenty more where that came from. Watch the video to learn more.

Your first secret code is : TREASURE

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You don’t need a hint to find the first bit O’treasure, 
it’s right here, 
don’t you see, 
scroll up at your leisure!
There’s a secret spot for all Lorin Eden seafarers, 
it’s hidden away in the biggest of corners.
A password keeps it safe for you
But if you remember, you’ll know just what to do!
Every good pirate must know 
And find out for themselves
how much treasure
can their boat stow?
They say lightning won’t strike the same spot twice, 
but they don’t say that about prizes you know! 
Look to where gold, silver, and bronze has been given, 
and you might find a prize of your own.
Captain Stuart has a history 
of finding great treasures. 
Learn about him
to find where his stash is.
There’s plenty of treasure to be found 
in the most helpful of places.
The greatest of treasures
Are buried deep down below.
A celebration was had, 
a sun and a globe, 
a revolution of sorts 
is a gold of its own.
Redbeard was a pirate of great notoriety, 
If you wish to be a smart salt
Just like him 
go to destinations of great variety.
The last one’s a doozy, 
I buried it deep, 
but here’s the last hint, 
“X marks the spot” explore first, then you can sleep!