Science Fair (Grades 4-6)

The Science Fair is coming virtually this year to Hayward! You can learn more about it on the STEAM showcase website.

Submit your Project to the HUSD Showcase! Due 5/10/21

In order to win a prize from the Lorin Eden Science Fair, you need to submit your prize to the HUSD STEAM Showcase using this form.

Improve your project to get more points using this checklist as a guide.

Science Fair Symposium Preparation – Due Tuesday 4/27/21

You’re almost done with your projects, it’s time to share what you’ve done with the world! On Tuesday 4/27 at 11:00 AM you will be presenting your project to students and other adults in the community at the Lorin Eden Science Fair Symposium. To prepare for your presentation your homework is to watch the video, complete one more Google slide (the Explaining Results slide, you should have completed a total of 8 slides by Tuesday), and think about what you will say during your two minute presentation.


  1. Watch the video below.
  2. Complete your Explaining Results slides.
    • Finish your prior slides if you haven’t already.
  3. Think about what you will say during your presentation.

Experimental Results – Due 4/23/21

Great job working on your Google Slides last week. This week you will get to do the fun part of doing the experiment and recording the results!

1. Watch the video tutorial

2. Finish the next two green Google Slides (you should have completed a total of 7 Google Slides)

  • For these two slides you will be making your Flipgrid video of your experiment and making a table of your experimental result

3. (Optional) Get started on the next Google Slides, you can finish your whole slideshow if you want!

Reminder: Wednesday at 3:00 PM there’s a Science Fair work time, in which you can get help on your science experiment. If you finish last week’s Science Fair homework, attending is required. 

Google Slideshow Introduction

Because the Science Fair is virtual this year, you will be presenting your project as a Google Slideshow!

Watch the Video below to learn how to make and edit your slideshow.

Assignment 3 – First Five Slideshow Slides (Due April 16th)

Finish the first five green slides (up to the experimental procedure) in your presentation.

Assignment 2 – Decide on topic, investigable question and plan (due by the first science class after Spring Break)


Complete this Google Form that explains your plan for your experiment. You will be require to answer the following questions:

  1. What topic do you want to investigate?
  2. What is your investigable question?
  3. What is your hypothesis? (your predicted result of the experiment?)
  4. What is your experimental plan? (What experiment do you plan to do in order to answer your question?)

If you have any trouble with these questions, please send Mr. Stuart an email!

Assignment 1 – Pick 3 Topics (Due March 19th)


Hi Scientists!

Your science homework this week is to come up with 3 topic ideas for the science fair. You will be writing your ideas on the Google Sheet that is on your class corner and in your Google Classroom. You might never have used a Google Sheet before, so it’s really important that you WATCH THE VIDEO I made to learn how to use this new technology.

The complete homework instructions are in the video after I do an experiment.

Please send me an email if you have any trouble or have any questions,

Mr. Stuart


Timeline of Due Dates (Intermediate Grades)


Gift cards of varying amounts (up to $50) will be awarded to any student who demonstrates hard work and rigorous scientific thinking in their project and submits their final work to the HUSD STEAM showcase.

More resources about the science fair coming soon!