Plant Experiment Results

Hey Cougars!

Go to this Flipgrid link to make videos explaining the results of your plant experiment.

As a reminder log in with your school Google account. If you need to use a password, it is the same as the password that was emailed to your parents for getting into the student corner.

If you’d prefer you can also take photos of your plants and notebook and email them to me (or post them on Google classroom/seesaw). If you choose that option you should write me a few sentences explaining what happened. Either way include the following in your response

  1. Clear picture or video of your plants and the number of each cup (If your picture is blurry please try and retake it).
  2. Clear picture or video of your notebook work
  3. Description and explanation of what happened during the experiment
  4. Choose at least one of the following questions to answer. Bonus points for answering more than one.
    • How can you test your explanations?
    • If none of your plants grew, why do you think that was?
    • How did the plants grow differently in the different cups if at all? Why do you think that happened?
    • Do plants need water to grow? Explain.
    • Do plants need soil? Explain.
    • Do plants need light to grow? Explain.
    • What experiments can you do to test your explanations?
    • What did you do for cup #5? What happened? What’s your explanation?