Help Cougar Island! (Science fair grades 1-3)

Submit your Project to the HUSD Showcase! Due 5/10/21

In order to win a prize from the Lorin Eden Science Fair, you need to submit your prize to the HUSD STEAM Showcase using this form.

Instructions Part 2

  1. Build a model of your transportation device.
  2. Test your device
  3. Make improvements
  4. Make a Flipgrid video using this link to show off your transportation device and say what you learned. The password is the same as for your student corner.

Watch the video below to learn how to make your video.

Instructions Part 1

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Draw a picture of your design. How will you get the vaccines to Cougar Island?
  3. Decide which materials you’ll use to build your prototype.

Picture instructions

Your task is to get the COVID vaccine from Hayward to the Island of Cougar

Remember there are lots of kinds of transportation and there are tradeoffs (good and bad) for each kind

Extra Challenge

Ships can’t go to Cougar Island because it’s too wavy, they’ll sink
You can’t take a plane or helicopter there’s no airport
Here are some ideas to inspire you, can you think of others?
Draw a diagram of your idea
Decide which materials in the science kit you will use in your design
Next class we’ll start using your design to build a solution

Have fun, I’m excited to see the ideas you come up with!