Exploration Winners – Science Kit Flipgrids

I was so impressed every student’s responses to the Science Kit Exploration assignment. Your observations were incredible and I learned so much by hearing your ideas on how to use the Science Kit materials in fun, educational and safe ways!

A few students went above and beyond in their videos, so they will be winning grand prizes, but students will get a reward if they demonstrated any level of extra commitment. If you see your name below you’ll be able to pick up a prize from school the next time your teacher has a material distribution.

Grand Prize Lorin Eden Winners

AwardNameNumber of VideosGrade – Classroom
First Fernanda V.332 – Ms. Soares
First Simranjit S.336 – Ms. Tirrell
Second Aryan K.302 – Ms. Soares
Third Armando V.276 – Ms. McConnell
Honorable MentionEzio A.253 – Ms. Parr
Honorable MentionBrooklyn F.211 – Ms. Suarez
Honorable MentionBellal S.165 – Ms. Scharfenkamp

Grade Level Winners

First Grade
AwardNameNumber of Videos
First PlaceBrooklyn F.21
Second PlaceJoseph C.11
Third PlaceSavannah D.9
Second Grade
AwardNameNumber of Videos
First PlaceFernanda V.33
Second PlaceAryan K.30
Third PlaceKlark S.14
Honorable MentionLeroy Z.6
Honorable MentionVictoria R.H.6
Honorable MentionKylie T.6
Third Grade
AwardNameNumber of Videos
First PlaceEzio A.25
Second PlaceAleyah C.10
Third PlaceAlexa L.9
Honorable MentionKassandra T.M.7
Honorable MentionChloe S.6
Honorable MentionRexander C.5
Fourth/Fifth Grade
AwardNameNumber of Videos
First PlaceBellal S.16
Second PlaceLiz R.15
Third PlaceJasmine S.10
Sixth Grade
AwardNameNumber of Videos
First PlaceSimranjit S.33
Second PlaceArmando V.27
Third PlaceAngelo M.12