To prevent confusion, I will be asking teachers to allow me to co-host the meetings that they are already using with their class. So kids can use the same link for science as they are using with their classroom teacher.

Below is the tentative schedule for science next week by classroom teacher.

9:00- 9:30No Class -Teacher Prep DayRoom 19 
Ms. Swoops
Room 1
Ms. Zataray
Room 11
Ms. Dore
Room 17
Ms. Richards
9:40- 10:10Room 20
Mr. Roudabush
Room 2
Ms. Suarez
Room 8
Ms. Soares
Room 12
Ms. Parr
10:20-10:50Room 7
Ms. Williams
Room 3
Ms. Baxter
11:00-11:30Room 15
Ms. McConnell
I’d like to ask students to make sure that they are on Zoom at least 5 minutes before class starts so we can say “hi” and make sure our technology is working.


Available by appointment